Edition No. 1


August 12, 2016 — Welcome to the first critique at Lindenlink Review. I’ll be using this spot to give some pats on the backs of the people who put together Lindenlink, and I’ll be pointing out some ways we can improve the publication. Let’s get started with some observations about the summer posts.

Back pats . . .

  • Go to students in Susan Weich’s summer classes for providing content while the rest of us were taking vacations and being lazy. There was a lot of news, including the arrest and resignation of an assistant football coach, a possible post-season ban for the men’s rugby team, and an Olympic medal for an incoming student.
  • Go to Editor Phil Brahm who edited and posted from the far north where he had an internship. He also had to deal with the site being down a few days while we had our hosting moved from off-campus to on-campus.


We need to watch for . . .

  • Using days of the week in our headlines and stories. We had some weather stories (and the tobacco ban story and others) that referred to “today” and days of the week instead of referring to dates. That’s not a problem in newspapers, but journalists at online publications need to be aware that people may read a story several days or even weeks after it’s posted, and they can easily get confused when time references aren’t clear. It’s true that we are putting dates at the beginning of stories, but that’s not always enough to help our readers understand when things are happening.
  • Providing sources in stories. The story about Hidilyn Diaz winning a silver Olympic medal, while well written, has no sources. Also, it has a word missing in the lead, and it would have been nice to convert the weights mentioned in the story from kilograms to pounds for American readers.

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