Edition No. 2

analyticsaug30August 30, 2016 — Not a lot to talk about with the first week’s output of the fall semester. We had Phil Scherer’s interesting and popular story about a local murder, but we had no posts from the first full edition of the Legacy. This week’s Lindenlink should  offer us more to focus on in next week’s edition.

Meanwhile, here are a few things to watch out for as the semester shifts into gear:

  • Photos. Photos. Photos. — Reporters need to get a lot of photos when they’re out reporting stories. The photos need to focus on people’s emotions, and they HAVE to include names for the cutlines or captions.
  • Change the mindset about stories. — Many of our stories aren’t finished when they’re posted. They need updating, sometimes more than once. We can top off stories with updates and may want to start with the murder story from last week.
  • Beat the competition. — I’m not saying we should sacrifice accuracy for speed, but there were several times last semester when we could have posted stories first. Instead, we didn’t seem to mind if the stories were posted by the Lindenwood athletics department or public relations. Sometimes we got beat by STLToday.
  • Keep using our toys. — Last semester we used our equipment to help us create interesting images, video and audio. I expect us to keep doing that this semester.

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