Edition No. 4

September 13, 2016 — Now that the gloss of a new semester is wearing off and this weird HVZ thing is gearing up again, we can get into some routines (in a good way).

Some things to be happy about this week:

  • The pilgrimage by Phil S. and Walker to Talequah resulted in a solid story and a cool, interactive graphic by Phil B. So far, the story and graphic have netted 166 views, according to Google analytics.
  • Phil B. and Mili got out the first newsletter of the semester. It looked good. Now, let’s make sure we get one delivered each week, even weeks that the Legacy doesn’t publish. Also, every editor and contributor should be subscribing to the newsletter.
  • Quick posting of the Legacy PDF this week.
  • I like the idea of having “5 Fun things to do this weekend.” Should we shoot for it each Friday?

And a few things to work on:

  • We’re not getting many stories posted. And nothing from the editors of the day on Monday and Tuesday of this week.
  • We’re not updating stories. Several could have been updated in the last few weeks, including the Connor Harris story from Thursday night. Reporters need to “own” stories throughout their development and not think of a story being done when it’s turned in. That — as they say — is print-centric.
  • The story about the School of Education was a good example of an editor-of-the-day piece, but it could have been updated with some details taken from the website referred to in the story. We were ranked 19th. What were some of the higher-ranked schools? What, more specifically, helped put us in the top 20? Were any other St. Louis-area schools included?

This is unrelated to Lindenlink, but I just saw that the University’s new website is up, and the background videos on the home page are all shot in time lapse. Why? There seems to be no purpose to that, and it makes our students look like they move super fast.




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