Edition No. 5

September 27, 2016 — As we wait to see what great new things our design team is creating . . .

Pats on the Back

  • It was good to see that newsy stories from the Legacy got quickly posted on Lindenlink. There’s no need to hold off on posting stories that have strong news angles.
  • We published the flu vaccination story at the right time, at the front end of the vaccination season. In the past we’ve published something like this too late into the fall.
  • We not only explained how secretive the authorities are being about the sexual assault case, we put it in the lead. Our readers deserve to know when officials won’t disclose important information. Let’s consider an update in a couple of weeks even especially if the officials stay quiet.

Things Needing Work

  • We need more Lindenlink-only stuff. The editors of the day aren’t being as productive this semester as they were last semester, and we’re still too much in the newspaper-first mode.
  • The photo of the guy accused of being a flasher was taken from STLToday, but we didn’t explain whether we had permission. If we didn’t have permission, we needed to get our own photo or not use one. Also in that story, we refer to “court documents” as a major source of information. It would be better to explain exactly what document(s) we used.
  • The graphic in the flu vaccination story was nice, but it didn’t clearly explain where or over what period of time the numbers were taken. And while the breakdown by age group was a good idea, it didn’t quite work because the age groups were not equal in range.
  • We had references in multiple stories to Family Day (including in headlines), but we didn’t always capitalize it. Because the phrase is a proper noun, both “Family” and “Day” deserve capitalization.

Before I end the edition, I offer this link to a YouTube video of Professor John McIntyre, a Baltimore Sun editor who teaches copyediting at Loyola University, Maryland. I will hold off on any opinions about his video, but I am interested in what you think.



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